What is dermaroller/ microneedling?

Microneedling, dermarolling, dermaneedling, dermapen, dermaroller, skin roller, CIT Roller, Collagen Induction Therapy, or microneedle treatment – all of these refer to the same procedure. It is a fully established and well-documented form of skin treatment that has been used by dermatologist and plastic surgeons since many years. Until recently, it was available exclusively to clinical professionals, as a professional facial treatment that was offered in clinics only. However, now, this revolutionary solution is finally available for use at home.

Collagen Induction Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that induces a mini-trauma to the outer layer of the skin that the body immediately repairs, creating a blast of natural collagen and elastin as the skin generates new, healthy cells to replace old, damaged tissue. In fact, natural collagen production is boosted by over 200% after only a single use, and this has an incredibly powerful skin-restoring effect. In the process, new capillaries are formed, increasing blood flow to the skin and therefore supplying it with all the precious nutrition that it needs to be as healthy as possible.
What’s more, the channels created in the dermis by the microfine needles create pathways for active ingredients to be absorbed exceptionally deep into the skin, bypassing its protective barrier. This means that the absorption of actives is increased 1,000-fold, heightening their effect to incredible levels.

In consequence, it is crucial to apply only the safest and best-documented products on the skin after performing microneedling treatments. It is for this very reason that we developed our highly-specialized Collagen Gels. They are packed with high doses of scientifically-supported natural ingredients that induce miracle-like effects on the skin, be it for treating imperfections, blemishes or even signs of ageing.
While the treatment can be used both on the face and the body, these different parts have differing skin qualities and therefore require separate instruments and needle lengths.
Our CIT Rollers are equipped with needles made of surgical-grade stainless steel, which are calibrated with the optimal amount and density that have been proven to be most effective in multiple clinical trials. They are fabricated in accordance with the highest production standards, guaranteeing their sterility, safety and quality.

While this technique provides results that are similar to those that can be obtained with other skin resurfacing treatments like laser, the CIT treatment is more convenient given that it produces no heat and therefore can be used on all skin tones without any risk of hyperpigmentation, while also requiring no downtime post-procedure.
In fact, this skin-perfecting technique is virtually free of downsides: it does not damage the epidermis, it does not cause pain or bleeding, it does not induce unpleasant side effects, and it involves no down-time post-procedure.

The treatment can be used to treat blemishes, unclear skin, signs of ageing, wrinkles, scars, pigmentation spots and other irregularities, comedones (blackheads), sebum overproduction, lack of elasticity, cellulite, stretch marks, and so much more.
Put simply, it paves the way to clear, glowing, beautiful, virtually ageless skin.